July 18th, 2011

Why Can't Johnny Compromise?

So here is the fundamental question: do we lack a Henry Clay in today's world, or if Henry Clay were transported to the modern world would he shrug his shoulders? Was finding common ground between those who believed slavery was a moral blight on the nation and those who believed it was an economic necessity really easier than debating the appropriate scope of government activity?

I should admit that the comparison is a bit odd, because at least with the slavery issue a geographic solution was possible. (Ahem... "solution," I could say, since it didn't really prevent war, but it did delay it for decades, which is still a pretty decent accomplishment.) You can't just copy his approach and paste it into the current conflict.

But the question remains: even if we can't find common ground, why can't we find a place to live that we both hate equally? Without getting into the specifics of what a compromise should be, I'd like to look into why we can't get there.

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